The Power of Time Line Therapy ™

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What Will You Create For Yourself Using Time Line Therapy ?

Would you like to experience true emotional freedom as well as a level of complete control and empowerment that will allow you to begin to mould your life in a way that will deliver you ultimate fulfilment?

Would you love to be Enjoying all of the positive benefits of being free from your negative filters from the past and begin to design your future, in a brand new, unlimited way so that you can have it the way you want it?

Time Line Therapy ™

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IS the key to easily making this your reality!!

What’s Holding You Back?

  • Do you have emotional baggage that holds you back?Time Line Therapy emotional baggage
  • Do you experience negative emotions that are inappropriate for the context and difficult to truly validate?
  • Do feel a lack of emotional control of some areas of your life?
  • Do you at times over react, then deny it and go out of your way to justify your actions?
  • Do you feel stuck, limited and living a life that is totally unfulfilling?
  • Do you dream of goals and outcomes but then make no effort because you have already predetermined that you’ll fail?
  • Or maybe you want to help others to be emotionally free easily by adding this powerful modality to your therapeutic tool kit!

If so, my question to you is “what will it be worth to you to discover a way to imagine a new positive future that is so compelling, motivating and exciting that you can’t help but achieve it?”

We are functioning predominantly unconsciously and who we are and what we are achieving is based on our filters, our life experiences, memories, beliefs, attitudes, meta programs and values, all of which are playing out in the creation of the reality that we are living each and every day.

It is always the unresolved and deeply unconscious “stuff” (NLP technical term) from our past personal history that holds us back and robs us from achieving the glorious results that we truly want.

You Are Far More Than You Think You Are!!

You are a divine being and already have limitless potential to create all the positive outcomes that you could ever want and it’s our Time Line Therapy ™ Training (trained as part of our 7 day live NLP Practitioner certification course) that will give you all of the skills, tools and techniques that will allow you to gain access to the resources and emotional freedom to create for yourself a new compelling future.

Already trained in NLP? But want to add this valuable, must have therapeutic modality to you skill set?

Then it’s easy, just call the office on 01483 823 811 with details of your NLP certification and find out today, you may well qualify and be able to join our training for Time Line Therapy ™ certification.

The simplistic beauty of the process that is Time Line Therapy ™ is that it deals with letting go of negative emotions from the past in the same way as “how to date” you’ve been managing to hold onto them, which is “in your imagination”.

The process uses your own internally represented storage of experiences with a symbolically imagined “Time Line” and by working with this representation of your “Time Line” it allows your unconscious mind to give you incredibly profound experiences and learnings in a number of different ways that will be undeniable in the now.

Making possible for you the healing of emotional traumas, ending of unhelpful thoughts, emotions, limitations and behaviours and this will happen for you in only a matter of hours rather than waiting for a natural resolution that may never come at all.

Ancient Wisdom

An internal storage of time is not a new concept, Aristotle, in his writings postulated the “stream of time” understanding and assimilating internal and external feedback and converting it into wisdom.

It is only modern society that has lost touch with the powerful relationship between your conscious and unconscious minds. Ancients cultures understood how to create a natural conscious/unconscious resolution, bringing balance, growth, personal development and ultimately achievement.

There was also William James back in the 1890’s, he offered us the concept of memory storage being processed in a linear manor, with his Linear Memory Storage theories.

This is an exciting time for us all as we are on the cusp of a global shift in consciousness, we are experiencing in media and film new frontiers of personal mind control and expanded states of awareness.

NLP, Time Line Therapy ® and other altered states of consciousness like hypnosis techniques are an evolution of human capability and one of the most effective methods for creating lasting change, not just therapeutically but also in business, relationships, health and wellbeing and all education in general.

Leaders in The Field of Human Change

Here at Life Training Systems we are incredibly grateful to Dr Tad James who after years of development and in collaboration with  Wyatt Woodsmall, published “Time Line Therapy ™ and The Basis Personality”, Dr Tad James, has since become world renowned for his his incredibly powerful Time Line Therapy™ techniques as well as being a leader in the field of NLP.

Time Line Therapy ™ as a therapeutic intervention is now so highly regarded that the Croatian Council of Psychotherapy invited Dr’s Tad and Adriana James to Croatia to train all of their front line medical staff in Time Line Therapy ™ so as to assist war veterans in letting go of their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Years of suffering gone in minutes.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, doctors, therapists, councillors, business and sports coaches have now been successfully using Time Line Therapy ™ for well over a decade to assist tens of thousands of people get beyond their limitations, let go of unconscious negative emotion triggers and move beyond where they found themselves stuck to a place where they can now realise all their success’s

Easy to Learn!

Time Line Therapy ™ is an incredibly easy process to learn and apply to yourself and others empowering you with the ultimate emotional control that will allow you to at last take full command of your life, guiding your destiny onto the path you are now meant to be on.

In our training you will learn how to easily let go of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt from your past as well as all limiting decisions, these are the unconscious decision points in the past history of your being, that created within you limiting beliefs that don’t support you, things like….. ”I’ll just don’t feel good enough,” “I can never sustain a great relationship,” or “I’m not clever enough,” “I can’t earn enough money” these beliefs hold you back and create obstacles that sabotage your success, let us help you to get beyond all that has been limiting you.

Study Only With Experts

Your emotional well being is important so make sure you study Time Line Therapy ™ with the experts, study with Life Training Systems.

These techniques will create profound personal growth for you no matter who you and where you are at, because lets face it, we all have baggage of some sort or another that when we let it go we will progress toward achievement and success in an easier and quicker way than we have previously thought possible.

How are you now going to benefit from studying Time Line Therapy ™ and NLP: Simple by utilising NLP, Time Line Therapy ™ and Hypnosis techniques in your day to day life you will exponentially increase your results.

And That’s in every area of your life whether it be business, personal growth and development, health and wellbeing or your relationships, you are about to become an achiever, resourced for success.

Such Bold Claims! You Think?

Not really, what are the common overriding attributes of all successful people, in-fact I’m betting these were present for you in all of your own success’s. You were in control of your emotional state, you had a clarity of outcome with no self imposed limitations and you believed that you could achieve it.

You allowed your self to function with a psychology and physiology of excellence which inspired and motivated you to success, Time Line Therapy ™ will empower you to create that same mind set in every context of you life ultimately creating for you a highly compelling future.

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