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Creating positive change and raising self esteem with “The Self Confidence Code” Process

It is every human beings deserved right to feel assured, self confident, and of value. A fair and measured supportive understanding of who you are now and what you have a desire to achieve, along with the limitless personal growth and development potential you have for the future.

Self Confidence is every human beings fundamental right.

Before we get into cracking the Self Confidence Code, let me first ask you…..

Self Confidence Bullets

If you have answered yes to any or even all of these questions then it truly is time to find the solution, to create the kind of positive changes that will empower you to start to really live your life in a way that will fulfil who you would now prefer to be.

Finding Self Confidence

The good news is there are ways to create that change. 

  • Ways to tap into the inner confidence that does exist within you.
  • Ways to get rid of negative feelings and associations from your past.
  • Ways to move beyond limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck.
  • Ways to develop and actualise an exciting vision for your future.

I’m sure you can acknowledge that on some level you have felt confident before now, you must have experienced confidence in some context and probably still do or you simply wouldn’t even know that you didn’t have it, in whatever context that feels like the biggest problem for you.

Self confidence is usually always easier to appreciate in an area of strong familiarity, sometimes family or in really close trusted friendships, a hobby or interest perhaps or a passion that you can easily loose yourself in.

The key to your life changing for the better is the skill of being able to find and acknowledge that self confidence and self belief and tap into it, so that you can with volition now apply it effectively to all other contexts of your life, whether it be your career, relationships, social interactions, public speaking, health, wealth or intelligence.

Being Self ConfidentI realise that it can’t have been easy to find a powerful proven solution to getting beyond the fears and anxieties that low self esteem or a lack of self confidence can cause you.

I also realise that the world is full to the brim of self help books and programs claiming a magnificent magical cure all solution.

Some of which you may have tried, and because your reading this, I’m picking all of which on some level haven’t yet worked!?

I’m here to tell you there is only one secret sauce to tapping into supreme confidence and that is YOU!

“The way to get in touch with the levels of increased self confidence that you are meant to have and be utilising to achieve great results in your life is all down to learning an effective and proven set of strategies, tools and techniques that create for you a simple, easy to follow yet dynamic process.”

The Self Confidence Code is that dynamic process and you can learn to use it, to help make the kind of massive difference to your confidence, self esteem and self acceptance that will support you in being the amazing capable and effective result achieving person that you have always wished to be, dreamed about and hoped for. This could easily be the answer to all of your “if only’s”.

2017 UK Self Confidence Training Dates

Confidence Academy Training Dates

Here are just some of the things you can expect when you learn to master The Self Confidence Code……

Discovering The Secrets To Developing A Confident Mindset.

A lack of self confidence, self belief or low self esteem is not a “Thing” in of it’s self, it is a diverse collection of processes, beliefs and attitudes woven together into a overriding strategy that with the click whir of neurological automation, triggers a state that influences your behaviour that drives the actions that deliver your results.

To begin to build a sound foundation for all of the changes that you are about to create, you need to understand what your long held unsupportive beliefs and attitudes are and have been, and how you can easily begin to learn to look at your reality through a far more effective matrix that will fundamental change your mindset as to what is now possible for you.

What Do You Value Most About Confidence And How Will You Know When You Have It?

Your values are the criteria that drive your motivation. You have an awareness that your lack of self confidence is a problem to you because it is causing you to be unable to deliver a sense of fulfilment as to what is fundamentally important to you! What you value about having self confidence!

To understand more about your automated unconscious beliefs that are influencing your focus which is generating and driving your motivation, we need to truly uncover the value you would like to create instead.

“Energy Flows Where Focus Goes”

Energetic Self Confidence

When you don’t have an abundance of something in your life that you claim that you want, then it is fairly easy to predict that your motivation to have it is driven by what we call in the NLP community “away from’s” in other words negative focus. To create true change you must first understand that negative focus and then ultimately do something to turn it into a towards driven positive focus.

Powerful Words, Powerful Reality, The Importance Of Developing A Positive Supportive Vocabulary

words create self confidenceHuman communication (to self and others) has evolved from it’s prehistoric origins of simply telling friend from foe or help from hinderance, with just a look and a gesture all backed up with a definitive grunt.

For you though, living in our modern world, communication is an incredibly complex and intricate tapestry. Weaving together beliefs, preconceptions, misconceptions, projections, intent, emotional associations (both negative and positive), limitations, unconscious triggers, habitual tendencies, family and peer group expectations and installations (imagined and real), deceit and denial. Basically in layman’s terms, making it up, then making it true.

All of which gets represented for you internally in the way of self talk and externally in how you describe and represent what you believe to be your reality to others, and you manage to do all of this unconsciously through your language.

To easily create for yourself unshakable dependable consistently amazing self confidence you must learn to control and police your language to ensure it is always aligned to and supportive of the supreme confidence that you want.

Letting Go Of All The Negative Associations That Have Held You Back

Dump the baggage for Self Confidence This is the core emotional and psychological change work that will free you to see your life differently and really allow you to feel confident in who you are and what you now want to achieve moving forward.

The only reason that to date you haven’t felt confident in the problem areas of your life is because of negative emotions and bad thoughts and feelings being subliminally triggered for you, leaving you with a sense of helplessness or a feeling of being stuck with little or no options.

The powerful processes that we are using in this section of the training will empower you to gain wisdom and ultimately let go if the debilitating feelings that have kept you down. You will literally be freed up to see exciting new options and choices and you will be able to believe that they are now possible for you.

Tapping Into Resources To Become Your Own Super Confident Super Hero.

Super Self ConfidenceYou already have all the resources that you need to succeed, and at the moment you are simply not allowing yourself access to these powerful mental and emotional tools. Now in learning how to access and apply all of the positive states, that mean capable, confident and self assured to you, you will then indeed feel a strong sense of self confidence and self belief.

These powerful positive states are yours, you know on some level that they are within you because you will have undeniably experienced them in the past in some way shape or form, more so even than that, you probably do utilise them even now in some other areas of your life.

In this section of the training we will give you a full proof set of techniques that will allow you to experience any positive emotion in the moment and how to then take that incredibly powerful feeling and apply it to the problem situation and experience it changing. We then take that change and compound it allowing it to grow and develop into a new positive natural confidence and the way that you can now easily do it going forward into your future.

Delivering Dynamic Results By Writing Your Own Happy Ending.

Self Confidence Golden FutureTo compound all of the changes that you’ve made, we now want to lock them in place and ensure that this is the new way that you are doing it tomorrow, next week, next month, all the time in every context all the way out into your future. The powerful positive changes that you have made and your new found confidence is fantastic, and to make it truly amazing we are going to make it sustainable and guaranteed forever.

This final set of techniques you are going to learn will give you the ultimate formula for success, the full proof step by step process of how to design your future in such a compelling way as to literally  pre-program your unconscious neurology so that your mental, emotional and physically alignment will create for you the behaviours and actions that will deliver you, your perfect results.


Having read through these details and having triggered within you a desire to change, to allow yourself to become supremely self confident, capable and self assured. Below are the details of exactly how to start to make that reality possible for yourself today.

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