Are You a Perfectionist? Then You Should Learn to Love Imperfection

I have to confess I’m yet to meet a “perfectionist” who is enjoying a balanced, harmonious life! If you are seeking inner peace and a relaxed state of mind from where you can truly enjoy your life, then being a perfectionist is a conflicting mind set to adopt.

If you are hell bent on having something a certain way or improving it to make it even better, you are probably enlisting in a losing battle. Focusing on the need to fix something, or the relentless idea that it’s not right is going to only lead to disappointment and gross dissatisfaction. However, when you can gratefully find the value and the beauty in something, then that feeling of acceptance and appreciation leads to contentment.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t strive to do and be the best you can be. I’m highlighting that focusing on what you perceive to be wrong with life, isn’t the way to go. It’s about understanding that maybe you think there’s a better way to do something but that doesn’t mean you can’t accept, enjoy and appreciate the way things are already.

In fact, in the absence of your judgement, everything would actually be just fine! So starting right now, eliminate your NEED for perfection in all areas of your life because then you will start to find the perfection in life itself. Enjoy the freedom this creates for you.