NLP Understanding Anxiety

NLP Understanding Anxiety

Understanding anxiety is easier if you are willing to realise that the first thing we need to acknowledge is, Anxiety is a good thing!!

A bit counter intuitive I know, but if you were to pay attention to the anxiety that you were feeling and in some way you were to allow the true meaning of it to come into your conscious awareness then you could easily know what you need to do to resolve it.

Anxiety has a purpose, it is there to make you aware of one of two things or maybe even both things.

The first thing it is making you aware of is that you are currently negatively focused, i.e you are imagining a disastrous negative outcome for what you about to do.

And the second possible thing is you are ill prepared, you are not yet good enough to competently follow through on the ideal actions and behaviours to deliver you the desired outcome.

If anxiety is allowed to be a purely negative experience then there will be no wisdom to be gained from it and it will definitely just be an unpleasant thing and will more than likely work against you in what you are wanting to achieve.

Understanding anxiety and it’s true purpose will first of all keep you safe and second of all give you a very clear idea of what you should do next to evolve to the point that you would no longer require the anxiety.

I can Ski but not very well, I have done it maybe 3 times in my life and can do a awkward looking slow snow plough without falling over, but that’s about it.

If I was at the top of the Val-d’Isère Black Ski run thinking about getting me some powder! Then I would very much hope my neurology would use anxiety to scream “NOOOOOOO Don’t Do It”! at me.

It would be folly if I was bullishly confident ready to deftly take on these near vertical drop offs

Pay attention! If you feel anxiety then take a moment to acknowledge and begin understanding anxiety from the prospective of gain answers and wisdom from it.

Are you at this time simply not good enough yet?

Or are you allowing past experiences to feed fear through to your current endeavours in the form of negative focus and the subsequent anxiety?

In understanding anxiety in this way you can then look to do something about it.