Life Training Systems NLP Training Schedule 2017

The Confidence Academy

Confident Confidence – The Self Confidence Code

3 Day Workshop

The Self Confidence Code workshop is designed specifically to raise your self esteem and personal self confidence to a level that we guarantee will deliver for you fantastic results. If you know that you are ready to invest in your future and create the changes that you want then “CLICK HERE” to read more…..

Schedule of Events 2017
Confidence Academy Training Dates

Communication Skills Academy

Advanced Linguistic Influencing 4 Day Training

We all have at some time or another wished that we could be more persuasive and more influential, well now you can be. Developed form the advanced language modules from our NLP Training Schedule, this advanced training has been entirely rewritten to deliver for you the Power of Persuasion in any context. “CLICK HERE” to learn more……

Advanced Linguistics 2017


 Mind Power Memory Booster

The Brain Training Formula

The human brain is much under utilised! But how much do we actually use? We do use our brains well for all of our complicated unconscious bodily functions so it is not so much how much of the capacity that we use, more the quality of the processes that we apply. The way your brain is wired to function at it’s optimum is rarely taught in any great detail, until now. If you want to tap into significantly more mental horsepower, then “READ MORE HERE” about the process that you need to learn.

Mind Power 2017


NLP Practitioner Certification Training

7 Day Fastrak

Our pure NLP training schedule begins here with our 4 certification Fastrak NLP Practitioner Certification Training. We truly believe that the structure and curriculum of this training based on the work of Dr Tad James is the most complete model of therapy that you can study. `just click the link to get the “FULL NLP PRACTITIONER DETAILS”

NLP Training Dates

NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training

When it comes to therapy and creating lasting change for clients, staff, customers and kids then there is no better vehicle the Full Personal Breakthrough program that you will learn here at our NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program. To get details of the full program “READ ABOUT IT HERE”

NLP Master Practitioner Dates

5 Day Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy Certification Training

Conversational Hypnosis is an important part of our NLP Training Schedule because the ambitious language patterns that are Milton Model are based purely in conversational hypnosis and we believe to be a truly great NLP Coach and Therapist then you must learn to be a fantastic Hypnotherapist and in all my years of study, this is by far the quickest and most complete way of achieving that. “GET THE DETAILS HERE”

How to Hypnotise Training