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In life there are invariably 3 types of people. The first type, are people who already know and believe that things can be way better and are open and ready to learn new skills and take action now.


The second type are people who are a bit stuck, life always seems just a bit too hard and they have very low self belief that they could possibly do something that will truly make a difference.

But deep down they do really wish, hope and pray more than anything that they could find someone skilled that can help them learn and believe that they can create an amazing positive change in their life.


Then there is the third type, which are the closed people, these are the people that will use every scrap of their energy to convince themselves and all those around them that life is hard and unfair and miserable for the best part and you just gotta suck it up and live with it cause thats the way it is…..

If you’re the third type I wish you well but please stop reading now because the empowerment held within all I have to share is simply NOT FOR YOU!!!??



FREE NLP Practitioner Introduction

8 Comprehensive Videos teaching you the all important foundational themes that is the required thinking of an NLP Practitioner

LET ME ASK YOU? Are you ready to create a change in your life right now?

Because I have to tell you that If you fit into type one or two or even a bit of both then congratulations for you the journey of discovery has just begun because everything I have to share with you from this point on has been designed and proven to create exponential change for people just like you.

So first of all lets identify the problem that your perhaps trying to overcome or the success driven benefits that you’d love to be primed and poised ready to deliver.

WHAT”S YOUR PROBLEM!? What are you wanting to get beyond? What do you want to create?

So first of all lets identify the problem that your perhaps trying to overcome or the success driven benefits that you’d love to be primed and poised ready to deliver.

  • Are you looking to develop a new career, perhaps work for yourself or just increase your opportunities, do you maybe want to become a coach or develop the powerful art of persuasion and influence to increase your results.
  • Would you want to be able to access the perfect positive powerful state and the kind of resourceful thinking that will always deliver for you the optimum outcomes.
  • Perhaps you would love to feel confident, self assured and capable in every situation knowing you have the where with all to create solutions that will get you beyond any obstacle.
  • Do you want to find your motivation, belief and excitement so that you can totally transform your career, your health or your relationship.

Maybe it’s just time for you to learn the skills that will allow you to take back control of your life, to be able to make choices and be the master of your own destiny.

Can I really create all that I want with NLP?

Our NLP Practitioner Training will deliver for you all of the principles and structured ways of thinking, all of the tools and techniques which when applied in any situation, will create significant positive changes in your life and in your results and the very best thing of all is it is a step by step set of processes that is incredibly easy to understand, easy to learn and easy for you apply in your life as well as share with others.

NLP Practitioner GraduatesWhen you join our live 7 day event you will be expertly trained in four powerful modalities which are NLP, Time Line Therapy™, Hypnosis and NLP Coaching.

And this is an accelerated training which means upon enrolling you immediately get a lifetimes access to our online eNLP Training Academy Video Package made up of high quality personally delivered videos designed to teach you the full NLP Practitioner curriculum along with detailed demonstrations of the techniques in action.

Because you get lifetime access this comprehensive video package is not just your pre study resource for before the training but is also a full revision resource post training that you will refer back to time and time again.

supportAnd it still gets better because here at Life Training Systems we are very big on support. So your support begins when you enrol and that support simply never ends!!! That means forever.

As a student of Life Training Systems you will have full access to your trainers from the minute you start with your pre study, right through the live training then onwards into infinity and beyond.

This is so that you will always have the backing of an expert, that has all the experience that you will require to make these skills work for you as you develop over time your own level of experience and expertise.

Why is NLP so great?

So what sort of things are you about to learn from your NLP Practitioner Training? and what sort of tangible benefits can you expect?

NLP is a study of your mind, your neurological and physiological functioning and how you can, understand, assimilate and re-create excellence in your life. It can be described as an advanced human behavioural technology for change, which simply means that it is a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques that will powerfully and positively impact on your real-life behaviour.

This highly desirable skill set that is NLP, will allow you to change, adapt or eliminate unhelpful negative behaviours, in any given moment or context, and gives you the ability to choose your positive mental, emotional, and physical states of well-being that will guarantee you successful results.

With NLP, you will learn how to positively grow and gain wisdom from every single life experience and that means you’ll increase your ability to create success whilst delivering a significantly better quality of life.

Our NLP Practitioner Training will deliver beyond your expectations

During our 7 day NLP Practitioner Training we are going to teach you, in a simple concise easy to understand way exactly what NLP is and how you can apply it, not only with yourself but also with others in your day to day life…..

becoming an NLP Practitioner will allow you to create the kind of levels of success in every context of your life that you have always dreamed that you can have.

NLP Practitioner SuccessIn discovering these powerful modalities you have opened the door to the possibility of so much more for yourself, your life and your family.

You can now have access to the secret know how that delivers success to business executives, sport personalities, entrepreneurs, world leaders and winners all over the globe.

If you want to expand your opportunities, make more money, develop success, happiness and fulfilment whilst becoming an influence for good then pick one of the options below and lets begin the journey together.



Enjoy the Program for 30 days and if your not totally satisfied with your magnificent results we refund 100% of your investment.

Enjoy the Program for 30 days and if your not totally satisfied with your magnificent results we refund 100% of your investment.

Study NLP Practitioner Training AT HOME – Get all of this cutting edge behavioural change technology and study it at you own pace at home with our comprehensive 12 module training of 70 high quality videos explaining and demonstrating for you all of the NLP Practitioner Training Curriculum delivered online through our International eNLP Training Academy. ONLY $297

Online NLP Practitioner Training



Fully Enjoy you NLP Training Pre-study Kit for 30 Days and if you decide this powerful set of skills are not for you then we will return 100% of your investment.

Fully Enjoy you NLP Training Pre-study Kit for 30 Days and if you decide this powerful set of skills are not for you then we will return 100% of your investment.

Book your place at one of our 7 Day Live NLP Practitioner Training Certification events here in Surrey England (see current scheduled dates below) and get 4 Certificates and instant access FREE to our comprehensive 12 module 70 video pre-study kit online delivered through the eNLP Training Academy for only £1797 (Deposit only £597 with a £1200 balance due 30 days prior to the training) OR BOOK NOW and take advantage of our pay in full pricing of ONLY £1697. available up to 60 days prior to the training date of your choice

To check your eligibility for this cutting edge training and apply Simply click the button below and fill in your best contact details and we will call you to assist you with booking.


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Want to Know Even More Exciting Stuff About All You Will Learn?

Here is a quick summary of our NLP Practitioner Training and the NLP skills that you will learn and how you can utilise them in your day to day role in your private and personal life. Within your NLP Practitioner Training, fundamentally you will be learning and developing very advanced communication skills.

The simple yet powerful keys to truly effective communication is having a profound understanding of what is being communicated to you, knowing how your communication is being received and understood, being aware of what motivates a person and inspiring them beyond what may be holding them back.

Being in control of these four principles will take you way beyond being an effective communicator. Our experience allows us to say that NLP will empower you to be a catalyst for change not only for yourself but for everyone around you.

Within the NLP Curriculum of the course you will learn to….

  • Identification and sensory based understanding that will empower you to take control, and be in command of the collaboration between your mind (mental and emotional), your physiology (body), giving you ultimate state control allowing you to always be able to access the optimum state to facilitate the exact behaviour that will ensure your desired result.
  • When you truly “GET” the NLP structured model for effective communication, and understand the integration and functionality of conscious and unconscious mind processing. Then and only then will you easily recognise your own and other peoples unconscious behaviour and facilitate change when the process is flawed and doesn’t support or serve the growth of the individual.
  • With you NLP Practitioner Training you will learn to identify, understand and utilise how each individual you interact with best learns, communicates, changes and evolves. Become the catalyst for creating change firstly within yourself then easily and elegantly with others.
  • Understand your own and other peoples thinking, changing limiting beliefs and attitudes, And know that you know exactly what to do to help create change for them so that they are totally supported to be able to now achieve their desired results and outcomes.
  • Learn to be the master of setting goals, clearly defining outcomes that are so well formed in their structure, that they create a focused excitement that drives the motivation for their successful achievement. Deliver on all of your own outcomes and teach your students that they can have it the way they want it.
  • Create rapport with anyone, learn to create instant liking and agreement with anyone  students, colleagues, clients and even people you don’t know, mastering influence is all about rapport.
  • The effective use of language is the key to unconscious agreement and influence. learn the skill that will allow you to always have the meaning of your communication fully understood and accepted.
  • Discovering how to ask questions in a very clever and advanced way to ensure  that you can get the other person to reveal information to you that is highly specific taking you directly to a deeper structure of their problem.
  • Be able now to use your language to negotiate and influence elegantly. learn to use pre-framing and re-framing  to overcome objections elegantly, whilst always maintaining rapport.
  • learn to read peoples eye patterns, and how to utilise these accessing cues that you observe from the movements of their eyes as they recover and recall information, and notice how this gives you insight into what is really going on for them and use this insight into their thinking as a support in helping them gain an advantage.
  • Become a virtual mind reader, like a skilled poker player you will learn to spot an individuals tells by mastering the skills of heightened sensory acuity.
  • In learning to truly understand human functioning you must learn Strategy elicitation and utilisation, everyone uses strategies for all that they do to achieve any results in their life and that is good results, as well as bad results, you will learn the step by step process of spotting these strategies, understanding where they are flawed and designing a better way to do it.
  • Discover the power of achieve total alignment and inner congruency and learn how to enable others to do the same.


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Within your NLP Practitioner Training 4 Certification Training program in addition to the above skills you will also learn the most powerful, quickest and easiest way to totally get rid of negative emotions and limiting beliefs from the past along with a full proof process of enlisting the limitless power of the imagination to visualise your future, all of your results, outcomes and goals in the most exciting and compelling way to ensure maximum ongoing motivation for you and for the people you work with, this simple process made incredibly easy with Time Line Therapy® Techniques.

Then of course there is also Hypnosis where you will learn how to utilise conversationally specific natural levels of trance in yourself and in everyone else to assure dynamic understanding and absorption of information, ideas and resources.

With NLP Coach which is the final certification, you will get a profound understanding the blue print as it were for setting up and formatting effective and inspiring coaching sessions and agreements that give structure and of course the undeniable evidence procedures and measurements of the success’s that you and your clients will achieve.