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Life Training Systems full comprehensive NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program

* Do you want to Master the rest of the advanced techniques for influence that is NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis?

* Are you already getting great results with your NLP skills but realise now that it can all be done in a more elegantly effective way as well as so much easier?

Then it is time for you to come and join Life Training Systems for our live 15 day truly transformational Advanced NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program.

NLP Master Practitioner Training Date

NLP Master Practitioner Dates

NLP Master Practitioner


Our program has been designed and perfected over many years to ensure that you are provided and expertly trained in all aspects of the latest cutting edge techniques and methodologies that are the Advanced NLP Master Practitioner Level Certification Material.

You will be trained, mentored and supported to take you NLP skills to highly effective unconsciously elegant level of excellence, the true level of a NLP MASTER Practitioner.

And this is not just NLP as we believe that the FULL and COMPLETE model of therapy also requires masterful skills in the modalities of Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis as well as the Coaching Model at the Master Practitioner level.

When you train with Life Training Systems you are guaranteed to unlock the NLP Master Practitioner mindset and methodology allowing you to easily consciously and unconsciously operate at a significantly higher EQ and IQ level creating within you the ability to always be thinking at least two logical levels above you client in context of their problem.

This new way of thinking and being will catapult you to the top of your field, turning you into a powerfully effective archetypal guide, assisting everyone you choose to work with to Master and deliver on their goals and outcomes creating their fulfilling and desired Future.


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The ethics that drive Life Training Systems NLP Master Practitioner Training for Certification This is your golden opportunity, held within this training is your chance to get all of the tools and techniques that when mastered will give you total power over influence of yourself and others.

Because of this innate power that you are so close to discovering we take the acceptance of the right students into this program very seriously, so it is only fair to warn you that we don’t allow everyone to study these skills through our program.

New NLP Master PractitionerOnly after potential students are interviewed and vetted by our trainers and we are completely convinced of their suitability, capability and ethics will we offer the opportunity to become a Life Training Systems NLP Master Practitioner.

If you truly believe that you have what it takes then you owe it to yourself to take the next step and find out if their can be a place in one of our up and coming trainings for you. Simply CALL THE OFFICE on 01483 823 811 or email us to request a 30 minute free no obligation consultation to easily figure out the next step.

Here is just some of the Awesome Material you have the potential to be learning…. Week 1 of your NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program will teach you….

Taking The language of NLP to the Quantum Level

    • Advanced Conversational Change – The advanced use of Milton Model and ambiguity to create unconscious agreement whilst covertly resourcing the client beyond their problem
    • Inductive and Deductive Languaging – Blowing the boundaries of skewed comprehension making one thing everything as easily as everything being just one thing
    • Linguistically Shifting Reality – Learning to control Time, Space, Matter and Energy moving the client to anywhere else other than what was their construct of the problem
    • Quantum Linguistics – Mind bending spin the art of confusion, easily taking the client from the place of “I know my problem” to “I’m not sure I even had a problem”
    • Meta Model III – A linguistic journey from the structure of the problem through the resources required to flip the problem to the solution that has caused the problem to have already disappeared.
    • The Decision Destroyer – An elegant de-nominalization of the tangible thing that was the problem to the fluid process that will resolve it.
    • De-identification Pattern – Getting rid of limiting labels because we are always so much more than just that.
    • Temporal Language – If you are BACK THEN you can’t be here NOW, YET you may want to STOP and realise that SOON is the time that you will happily realise that YOU ARE beyond that OLD PROBLEM and happy that you’re ALREADY out there in the FUTURE that you WANTED.
    • Prime Concerns – Learning to easily uncover unfulfilled needs deeply held at the unconscious level and constructing the perfect linguistic pattern that will blow the structure of the problem to smithereens.

Simple and Complex Meta Programs – Our preferred yet predominantly unconscious internal processing structure for the input, sorting and organisation of our experiences and our perceived personal reality.

    • A powerful insight into personality type – A great foundation for the coaching process and a powerful insight for any directive and proactive coaching program.
    • A highly accurate predictor of behaviour – What is the fit between personality, capability and behaviour for any individual in relation to their goals and outcomes.
    • You will learn a simple 15 minute elicitation process – this elicitation process will give you a clear understanding of expected performance in a given context.

Personal Values – The fundamental drivers for the motivation that will ultimately deliver our results. A vital part of coaching and facilitating change is to understand all possible points of conflict within a clients neurological functioning and understanding values is a critical component that will help guarantee your results.

    • Elicitation of Values – Ensuring that you and the client fully understand every value in the context of the problem has been brought into consciousness.
    • The Values Criteria Ladder – Only after all values are fully elicited do we then order them into a criteria ladder of importance.
    • Understanding the Motivation Behind the Motivation – A value may sound incredibly positive in the label that is used to describe it, but we need to know the driver behind it Happiness could be driven by an avoidance of sadness.
    • The Utilisation of Values – The top order and sequence of a persons values have enormous unconscious power, if we use this order and sequence for influence our communication will be powerfully influential.
    • Changing Values in Hierarchy – There may be conflict held in the top order of values that may stop a client from delivering a contextualised result.

Values Level Thinking – The self and societally imposed environmental systems that is most comfortable for an individual to contextually operate within. We have values, that operate within the neurology which operates within the rules of the perceived structure of the environment.

    • Understanding Values Level Thinking in The Context of The Problem – We search for conflict every where and this is a very important rock that must be looked under.
    • Coaching from within the appropriate values level – If you do not understand the values level thinking of your client within the context of the problem you are at risk of creating conflict within the coaching relationship.
    • Coaching the client through values level transitioning – If you fail to spot this transition you risk trapping your client in a rejected values level creating limitations to their ultimate fulfilment and stunting their evolution.

Advanced Strategy Elicitation, Design, Installation and Utilisation

    • Learn advanced methods of Elicitation – you must know for sure that the strategies that the client is going to use moving forward are formed well enough to deliver the result.
    • The collaboration to design and install the perfect strategy – If you want to get ahead then get a proven strategy and apply it to your actions.
    • Advanced Utilisation – Another arrow in our quiver of influence, strategies run automatically at the unconscious level and hold great resonance that will influence unconscious acceptance and agreement.
    • Logical Levels Of Therapy – The Ultimate technique for scrambling any strategy to the point that the client will be at a loss to remember the process of how they used to be able to do the problem.

Parts Integration – Dissolving internal conflict and creating resourceful reintegration

    • Creating Lasting Change – Learn what I believe is the most profound and emotive NLP technique for creating lasting change.
    • Command the Army – Marshalling all the clients internal resources to literally join forces and work as one.
    • Loving the Bad BitsThere are no bad bits!! Acceptance gains wisdom, discover how every behaviour is ultimately driven by a positive intent.

The Board Break – Modelling excellence with NLP.

    • Elicitation – Learn the key questions to ask to elicit the pure essence of excellent behaviour.
    • Installation – Take the key components of most excellent behaviour and install in self
    • Utilisation – Emulate and action the beliefs, state, physiology and behaviour and deliver the results of a master.


Plus much much more……..

Week 2 of your NLP Master Practitioner Training and Certification Program is time for the ultimate transformation because you will be learning….

Certification in Time Line Therapy® at the Master Practitioner Level – The ultimate catalyst for change is this Powerful Emotional Release Modality For two whole days you will be immersed in these advanced techniques that will allow you to work with any client with any problem, this is the part of the training that takes you as a coach, therapist or mentor to the clinical level. And you will learn….

    • How to Masterfully release all negative emotions from the past – Gaining wisdom from painful past memories consciously and unconsciously, giving the gift of complete emotional freedom.
    • How to recognise and get rid of all limitations – We deliver only on our beliefs so releasing all negative beliefs and developing positive supportive beliefs will exponentially change your results.
    • The Powerful Pain Paradigm – Pain doesn’t exist watch it disappear with the amazing yet simple intervention.
    • Drop Down Through – Easily Getting rid of multiple layered emotional Gestalts that have kept you stuck.
    • Releasing Symptoms – The complete guide to emotional healing that can then create physical healing when you discover the emotional meaning that the symptomology had.
    • 20 Years of Documented Clinical Interventions – Dr Tad James’s personal library of clinical therapeutic successes.
    • Understanding The True Mind Body Connection – Sympathetic and parasympathetic functioning and the key to triggering healing.
    • Using Time Line Therapy® for Forensic Regression – The importance of clean non directional language to avoid installation.
    • The Time Line Therapy® Regression Model – A powerful technique to allow the client to gain access to resources from the past including resources held in past lives or past generations.


    • The NLP Master Practitioner Full Personal Breakthrough Process – This we believe is the most complete model of therapy that you can study and master. This is the step by step painting by numbers detailed intervention perfected by, utilised by and taught by Dr Tad James.
    • You are going to learn the exact process and system used by one of the leading trainers of NLP in the world. This is putting it all together, how to do an intervention for any presenting problem using all of your NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis skills to effect the most profound positive change.
    • From the very first enquiry and how to qualify and choose the right clients, through taking a detailed personal history using your Meta Model skills to ensure you truly understand the unconscious structure of the problem.
    • You will learn the exact starting point of the intervention and all of the essential “what to do and when to do it” detail that you have been missing that will now allow you to control every single step of the process.
    • Confidently knowing the process is doing all of the heavy lifting for you as you are elegantly guided through to the optimum successful outcome and most important of all a very happy client.
    • This truly is the only system that you will ever need and a must have for any serious coach, mentor and therapist.


And the most dynamic experiential part of this, is during this training you will not only experience coaching a client through this amazing process but you to will also be a client experiencing your own magical transformative breakthrough as we spend two amazing highly monitored days of Personal Breakthroughs.

Last and certainly not least is our Master Practitioner Certification in Hypnosis

Within the Hypnosis curriculum for Master Practitioner certification you will be continuing to learn all about permissive hypnosis and covert unconscious resourcing as we will have already revisited Milton Model and the use of Hypnotic awareness shifting language ambiguity and trans inducing quantum linguistics.


So in addition to that, now we will be sharing with you the techniques of Dave Elman, who’s inductions flow with sheer inventiveness and offer massive flexibility with both permissive and authoritarian styles interwoven into each induction for a far broader effect.

And we will also teach you the principles of George Estabrooks the godfather of Authoritarian hypnosis, there’s no “would you”, or “could you” here, as it is very much a do it and do it now style of hypnosis which is very effective when create deep trance phenomena. Within this part of the training you will be learning and experiencing….

    • All of the trance phenomena as laid out on the LaCron-Bordeaux depth scale.
    • Formulating effective change scripts and double inductions.
    • The healing power of ideomotor signalling and response.
    • And how DEEP can you go!!? Culminating in FULL BODY CATALEPSY.

NLP Master HypnosisHaving achieved all of this, then you will truly know that you know Hypnosis!!! This highly advanced NLP Master Practitioner Certification Program follows strictly the approved guidelines and curriculum of the Time Line Therapy® Association, The American Board of NLP and the American Board of Hypnotherapy.

These are all internationally recognised boards highly regarded as leaders in their field. So not only is your expertise guaranteed by the quality of this comprehensive training and the commitment and skill of your highly qualified trainer.

In addition you also get a lifetimes worth of free support from our team if in-house trainers and coaches to ensure your implementation and utilisation of the techniques taught. Your real world post training learning curve made easy knowing you have the support and backing of an expert on hand at all times and just a phone call or email away.

   Dates for NLP Master Practitioner Training 2017

NLP Master Practitioner Dates

To ensure that you don’t loose out on these magical skills and all of this incredibly life changing knowledge you need to secure your place in this important life enhancing training today.

Become a certified Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis for the limited time discounted pricing of only £2797 thats a great saving of £200 from the regular price of £2997.

This offer is available only to people like you, recognising a golden opportunity, willing to fully support yourself in grabbing with both hands the fabulous future that you want.