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Leadership Skills – What Makes A True Leader?


Leadership skills are exactly that, “skills!” And all skills need to be learnt, developed and ultimately mastered.

Let me ask you, as you develop in your career, would your rather be a manager or a leader? Being a true leader is not a title that you give yourself or that you can earn like a badge or a certificate. The title of “Leader” is given to you by those that are inspired to follow.

If you have no committed, loyal, trusted, inspired and motivated followers, people who are keen to listen, keen to model the excellence that you display then you will only ever have the limited influence that your conferred title affords you.

Leadership Skills are developed out of a conceptually advanced positive mindset that drives consistent and effective behaviours designed to deliver optimum results.

LTS NLP Leadership Skills

The Top 12 Qualities

(LTS Leadership Skills Program®)

1. Confident and Capable, can demonstrate expertise and authority in your defined role.

Confidence comes from knowing what to do! Capable comes from know when to do it! And having authority is all about recognising, respecting and utilising other peoples areas of expertise whilst clearly defining and demonstrating your own.

2. Can clearly define outcomes for self and others and can maintain powerful positive focus.

Setting clearly defined goals and outcomes allows you to know, understand and create focus around, the positive benefits, purpose and ultimate value that your actions are going to deliver.

3. Is Authentic with Aligned Integrity for self and others.

Walk the talk! Know and strive for the perfect balance of an ecological win / win for the Company, Your Staff, Your Clients and You

4. Operates with passion to motivate and inspire.

Believe in the value of what you do with a passion that will easily create within you a neurological (thinking and focus) and physiological (energy and emotion) state of excellence. Conceive it, believe it, make it happen!

5. A master of communication in both speaking and listening, easily able to create deep levels of rapport and trust in all situations.

The meaning of your communication is the response you get! True communication comes form first, knowing only what you truly know, knowing what you don’t yet know and knowing what you really need to know. Seek first to understand, only then can you influence.

NLP Concepts and Skills For Leadership


6. A flexible thinker who can easily adapt and invent optimum innovative solutions.

“You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that created it” (Albert Einstein). Limited thinking creates limited options. True flexibility is the ability to allow yourself a starting point where you are open to all possibilities, imagination drives creativity.

7. Intuitive, decisive and sensory aware, able to quickly collate and assimilate all relevant data.

The trick to effective leadership and management is the ability to quickly and most importantly accurately asses, situations, opportunities, challenges and resources available to create and implement the optimum actions steps to ensure best possible outcome.

8. Is accountable and responsible and can assist others to be the same.

You are 100% responsible for your thinking and behaviours therefore you’re 100% responsible for your results. As a leader you take 100% responsibility for the behaviours and performance of your team and they are also 100% responsible for their thinking and behaviours.

9. Patient and understanding whilst staying true to the desired outcome.

Business is process! We all have clearly defined roles to deliver upon and as a leader you will demonstrate an effective patient supportive approach with empathy and understanding whilst maintaining and honouring the functionality of the process.

10.Open, personable and approachable.

An open door policy is only worthwhile if your people feel empowered enough to walk through the door if they don’t then it is merely a gap in the wall.

11.A mentor and a guide who can easily asses strengths and weaknesses of available resources, optimising strengths and coaching beyond weaknesses.

When you are confident and comfortable with your own magnificence you will always find it easy to share ALL of your wisdom and knowledge with those that now follow.

12. A consistent, persistent, finger on the pulse action taker.

Consistency is a powerful resource and the precursor of trust, that is usually only noticed when it is gone! It is your persistence in adhering to effective best practice actions that will encourage others to view you as truly their leader.

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