NLP Certification

What does NLP Certification really mean?

What value did NLP Certification have in my life first and fore most and does it really allow me to add value to lives of others.

NLP has been highly praised and just as equally discredited and maligned over the years making it very confusing for people to truly understand it’s value.

Wikipedia for example is usually well balanced in what it publishes though in the case of NLP it is horribly biased against it and any possible value in learning NLP, NLP Trainings or NLP certification.
“NLP Certification Never surrenderWho ever wrote the Wikipedia article would do well to have included the success rate of Psychology, Psychiatry and the much loved modern technique of heavily medicating those vulnerable people in need of help and guidance.

And of course we all know that Sigmund Freud’s clinical trials were at best a bit thin on fair and unbiased documented evidence, yet he is the founder and grandfather of Psychoanalysis which still holds an influence within modern psychiatry today.

Even Carl Jung fell out with him and railed against his findings because he believed them to be pure installation and worthless as any form of clinical evidence.

Where there is successes there will always be nah sayers This is a real shame and incredibly disappointing for those of us that are not so one eyed and willing to be far more open minded.

As Socrates was reported to have said “My genius comes from knowing that I know nothing”

The less we are willing to label things positively or negatively the more we are open to possibility and the less we are at risk of being blinded by dogma.

What I do know as my own truth and that is I have had some fantastic results using NLP and I have also had some just alright results, the only reason I don’t get terrible results is because I am careful who I take on as a client or as a student.

NLP Certification Also Has Its BeautyI can’t make it work for another person though I can certainly influence how it might work for them and here we can find the amazing power of NLP Language.

As we all know the only real tangible truth is that if it does work for one person then it can and is at least possible that it could work for all people.

I could dig a rock up from the back garden and if I truly believed it had healing properties and I could passionately convey by belief in a way that would convince others,

then that “ROCK” has the potential to become as powerful as the healing waters of Lourdes.

SO back to the potential power of NLP Language and codified NLP Certification.

I believe that the true power of NLP is held within the language skills taught in NLP certification, these skills allow us to understand the structure, nature, context and critical components of a problem as presented as being reality by the client.

Which in turn gives us the insights we need into the very change required to create the change required.

It can allow us when trained well to be very precise in how we guide and resource each amazing beautiful divine individual being toward a new structure of thinking that will assist them to begin to believe in and prove a whole new supportive reality for themselves.

What are the rigid limiting emotionally connected negative beliefs that they have held., the beliefs that have allowed them to construct and maintained the very problem that they claim they don’t want.

And how we can introduce doubt that will destabilise and loosen the grip on that old belief opening them up to the possibility of finding within themselves the very resource that now being present would cause the problem to disappear completely.

This is the power of precise language, this is the true power of NLP.

If you were to learn for yourself, guided through expert NLP certification, you could learn the art of being positively influential at all times to yourself and to others.