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  • Do you want tap into increased mind power?
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Mind Power Memory Booster
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These mind power memory booster techniques I have personally used for years to support me in having instant access to all of my in-depth NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis skills and knowledge when delivering first class, Trainings, Presentations, Therapies and Executive Coaching.

First let me ask you….

How’s your memory? Do you always have instant access to the vital experiences and information that you require to confidently engage, contribute and present in any given context?

Or is it more “damn it I should know this” seemingly elusive, foggy and just out of reach, on the tip of your tongue?

How’s your lateral thinking? Can you easily think outside the box with an innovative and imaginative mercurial flow to your thinking.

Or do you all to often find yourself stuck inside the box with the lid taped shut, your mind a blank but for the ghostly sound of an empty space?

How’s your critical thinking and problem solving? Do you effortlessly tap into your inner genius, creating multiple, dynamic solutions?

Or do you limit yourself to just one choice that seems frustratingly like the lesser of two evils and the only thing that it seems that you can do at the time?

If the “Or’s” resonate more for you than the “How’s” then it’s time to create a change in your mind power and memory capacity.

I’m pretty sure we will all want to, and would definitely benefit from building a better brain. The fantastic news is that you can and it’s far easier than you may have previously thought possible, read on to find out how.

2017 MPMB Brain Training Dates

Mind Power 2017

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Mind Power Application

Your brain is actually designed to constantly grow, evolve and develop, like an incredibly powerful, all be it organic, self learning super computer, fluid in nature with constantly regenerating cells and an infinite capacity to create new neurological connections and highly efficient mind power pathways.

This is what science calls Neuroplasticity, which is sometimes also known as brain plasticity.

So in other words this is one of those times where the statement “plastic fantastic” really is true!

The Mind Power capability that is held within your brain is in no way fixed in it’s capacity nor does it have limitations in how it can learn develop and process information.

It is actually capable of exponentially increasing functionality throughout your entire lifespan.

Unlike the old outdated scientific theories that misinformed us about intelligence and intellect being more genetically predetermined.

And early in your youth becoming practically fixed, after whatever fortunate or unfortunate learning and schooling experiences had expanded your capabilities only to the outer limits of that which our lucky or unlucky genetics would allow.

Fortunately scientific research has moved on a bit since those dark days and has now discovered that there are a great many aspects of your brain that very much remain trainable and changeable throughout your ever evolving and developing, fabulous life cycle.

“Use it well or risk loosing it early” does hold true when it comes to most things and certainly true when it comes to the flexibility of your brain and your ultimate mind power.

Put simply it really is entirely up to you to create the kind of environmental and experiential stimuli that will fully support the growth and development of a high functioning brain that is going to serve you and the future successes that you want.

If you want to utilise your storehouse of knowledge and wisdom, then learn memory booster techniques through the study of effective systemised recall processes.

If you want a better brain, then study brain training tools and techniques that will create collaboration and flow between your conscious and unconscious mind functions.

If you want to increase and utilise your mind power, then best get your brain down the gym and create an unshakable belief in the power that your mind actually already has.

Mind Power Working out helps you work it out

What Will I Learn In The Mind Power Training?

Here are just some of things that you are going to be learning when you come and join us to experience the Mind Power Memory Booster, Brain Training Formula.

  • Image Streaming – Re-engaging your amazingly powerful conscious, unconscious collaboration. This simple technique will give you a heightened level of access to your inner intuition that you will have unlikely experienced before
  • Word Dissociation – Exercising your imagination so that it increases exponentially in speed and flexibility.
  • Lateral Chunking – Thinking outside the square is a highly prized and highly remunerated skill to have, we teach you the simple formula that will make it easy.
  • The Sun List – Otherwise known as the Word Association List. This is first and simplest of our memory techniques that allows you to create within your powerful imagination your own set of file folders into to which you can put anything that you may need to remember.
  • The Numerical Word Rhyming List. Simply another way to achieve the same thing as above or to compliment and work alongside all other techniques.
  • The Loci Method – Also known as the Mind/Memory Palace. The most fluid of the techniques, where you easily store information in a series of sequential locations as you wonder around a highly familiar location, but in your imagination not reality.
  • The Major Method – Or in more technical speak, The Phonetic Associated Mnemonics System. This technique is truly the DADDY of all systems and once mastered will assist you to get to the top 1% of all capable intellectual thinkers.

These tools once mastered will allow you learn and memorise complex technical data and lists at speeds you would have never before thought possible,

You will also be able to easily memorise speeches and presentations, jokes, metaphors and anecdotes.

As well as learning a simple but highly effective way to remember the name of every one that you ever meet.

I will also teach you a couple of fun exercises that will be your categoric convincer of the mind power that you have created for yourself over these dynamic information packed three days

Not only can you use these tricks to impress your family, friends and colleagues they will also serve as your ongoing brain training program to use over and over again to enhance and increase your natural Neuorplasticity.

Your brain will be literally be trained through repetition in a compounding way, over time to do these processes automatically for you, increasing your mind power for ever.

By the end of this training I will have assisted you to a point where you can easily memorise up to 50 random numbers in sequence, instantly on the fly.

I will also teach you how to memorise a pack of cards in under 20 minutes and be able to recall them in sequence perfectly for as long as you decide to remember them for, a day, a week, a year, FOREVER!

As with most advanced skills that you can discover and learn in life, it’s not until you become aware that your own personal potential can be so much more than you used to think it was, that you realise that you have in-fact been unwittingly disadvantaged and held back.

Would you believe that most of these techniques were once widely known and taught, even to school children right up until the mid 1500’s when they were as good as outlawed for being far to powerful and potent, deemed unholy and irreverent and certainly not for the common man.

Lucky for us they are now well and truly back in the public domain and accessible to you. We have pulled the tools and techniques together and systemised the training of them so that you use the techniques themselves to memorise the techniques.

I have been using these techniques myself for years to great effect as they have supported me incredibly well as an NLP, Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis Trainer, Corporate Coach and Therapist.

If you now realise that you want to unlock a new kind of mind power and are ready to build yourself a significantly better brain to reach for your true intellectual potential then this training is going to accelerate your results exponentially.

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Mind Power Application