Just Coaching Or NLP Coaching

NLP Coaching ExpertiseThere is Coaching and Then There is NLP Coaching

Why NLP Coaching? Every high performing achiever whether it be in business, in sports, in politics or the arts will have or will have had a coach and mentor at some point to give them wisdom and guidance.

The kind of vital feedback that will ensure they have an accurate and honest point of reference as to where they are in relation to where they want to be.

To this end, I believe that NLP Coaching has the most complete set of fundamentals to ensure effective results are delivered more quickly and more predictably.

Coaching according to Wikipedia is a type of personal, professional or performance based development where the “Coach” assists and supports the “Coachee” (learner, student, client) to move more effectively towards their specific desired goals or outcomes.

Traditional Coaching V’s NLP Coaching

Like most traditional based coaching techniques this would be done through sharing experience and expertise in a directive and instructional way as to what the person should and shouldn’t be doing that would create best practice to support the goals they want to achieve.

This is all very well if the person is aligned and congruent with a belief already existing within them that they can and will ultimately achieve the desired result.

And all they really require from their coach is a clearly defined set of congruent and effective skills along with a bit of motivation.

Not really the way most people do it!

NLP Coaching is more complete because NLP Coaching deals with every aspect of where the person is at right now, the complex structure of limitations, emotional associations, conflicting thoughts and feelings as to who they are and what they can have or even deserve to have!

All of which is the baggage they carry, accumulated over the entire lifetime of triumphs, failures, disappointments, loves, losses missed or wasted opportunities.

That all makes for a very complex human being that will benefit from a bit more than just a bit of advice as to what they should and shouldn’t be doing.

We Already Know The Things We Should And Shouldn’t Do!

As Tony Robbins once said “people have a habit of should’ing all over themselves.

A person who is stuck will already know, if they were being honest as to what they should and shouldn’t do.

I’m sure a smoker already knows they shouldn’t smoke, someone who is obese already knows that cakes and chocolate shouldn’t be of their healthy things to eat today list!

People are not stupid and it is not fundamental best practice guidance that they truly need.

What they need is a clarity as to what drives the behaviour, where is the void that exists within them that needs fulfilling with this seemingly destructive, unsupportive behaviour.

They need help to reprogram themselves, help to uncover supportive resources that lie dormant within them, they need a complete reset, they need NLP Coaching.

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