Why Don’t You Mind Your Own Business?

It can be challenging enough to deal with our own “stuff”, the obstacles, the problems, the issues and the opposition that we are confronted with in our everyday real lives. Then in addition to that are drawn towards the voyeurism of watching reality TV shows, insider documentaries about stars and celebrities while incessantly searching through Facebook or Twitter. We’ve become a nation obsessed with other people’s lives instead of minding our own business.

How often have you caught yourself or someone else saying, “Did you know he’s been doing…….” or “I saw on Facebook ….. and I can’t believe she’s ……” Then you proceed to feel annoyed, frustrated, upset or bothered by whatever you’ve seen or read. How often has that happened to you? And the things that you were concerned or bothered about, are they really anything to do with you? Is it something you can control or influence? Is it something you can assist with? Or is the truth of the matter that actually it’s none of your business???!

If the person’s actions do not concern you, then don’t concern yourself with their actions.

I’m not saying that you are to avoid helping people. It’s developing an understanding when you can be of assistance and when to leave things alone. If someone has a problem, you can’t help solve that problem unless they ask you. If you jump in without being asked, then your efforts will probably be unappreciated and the individual may be quite resentful!

Actually, this idea of minding your own business goes beyond trying to help other because of course it includes talking about people behind their backs, trying to analyse or figure other people out and gossiping. And the truth is, that one the main reasons that an individual becomes fixated on another person (or people) is to avoid looking at themselves and dealing with their own stuff.

And when you notice yourself not minding your own business and becoming involved with things that don’t really concern you, give yourself a pat on the back and then have the wisdom and humility to back off. When you do, you will notice that you suddenly have lots more energy to focus all of your attention on what’s actually relevant and appropriate for creating the life that you want. Plus you’ll enjoy greater peace of mind.

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