5 Day Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Certification Training

Master How To Hypnotise Using Conversational Hypnosis for Change

How to Hypnotise Training

Learn how to hypnotise using light trance by linguistically guiding clients, staff, suppliers, friends and even family overtly or covertly through an amazing hypnotic experience.

In using conversational hypnosis you’ll be assisting them to completely change their world, allowing them to discovery for themselves that they now can create a life full of success and achievement.


Understand how to hypnotise easily when you learn conversational hypnosis in this 5 Day Advanced training, let these skills hard wire the process for you.

This will mean that you can flow unconsciously using your language conversationally in a powerfully controlled hypnotic way elevating you to becoming a Master of the Art Form.

First let’s understand where you are at right now….?

  • Have you studied Hypnosis yet still lack confidence in your abilities to create trance in everyone that you work with?
  • Have you ever been left doubting and questioning the effectiveness of your hypnotic interventions and results?
  • Have you had worries and concerns that the client will question your skill or even doubt that they have experienced trance at all?
  • Are you struggling and unsure because you feel reliant on old outdated inductions or one size fits all generic change scripts?
  • Do you feel a bit adrift and alone, having been trained but with no real world experience and no ongoing support and mentoring to guide you?

If your unconscious is SHOUTING YES!! YES!! YES!! then here a some questions for you to think about.

  • NOW! Will life be better, confidently knowing you are completely in control and can easily with great skill create trance in anyone merely using your artfully vague conversations?
  • Will you find great value knowing you have a mentor that will fully support you in ensuring you can take your new found skill set from the conscious mind process of how to hypnotise, trained in the training room to the unconsciously elegant flow of an expert in the real world?
  • I’m presuming you will also NOW want to know for certain that you command the ability of how to hypnotise and are assured that you can very quickly and incredibly effectively induce hypnosis every time with everyone, literally anywhere?
  • I am betting that you will enjoy the empowerment that you will feel throwing away all of those outdated  prescriptive and generic hit and miss hypnosis scripts because you are now tailoring all of the change work on the fly to suit the uniqueness of your clients specific situation?
  • And do you want to know the hypnotic secrets that will easily make it possible for you to create instant authority and awe of expectancy in anyone?

NOW if the thought of all of that has created for you an undeniable “YES” and you can acknowledge that you truly want to master the skills of conversational hypnosis!!?

How to Hypnotise

Then welcome to the journey that each Master Of Conversational Hypnosis has to at some stage travel. And the very first step on that journey is to decide on one of three routes that are open to every one who wants to study how to hypnotise.

You have already realised that you would like to become an effective and successful hypnotherapist or at the very least a master of influence and communication!

You will be glad to hear there is great news; because we are here to tell that you easily can be all of the above and to let you know that there a few ways that you can achieve this.

Basically now that you have that clarity and you want to master the skill of knowing how to hypnotise using your language with volition to catapult yourself into the top 1% of the world’s most effective coaches.

Effectively resourcing and getting the best out of everyone you interact with, whether it be overtly in a therapeutic setting or covertly in everyday conversation, then you need to know that you basically have three options right now, here is how I did it then you decide which one is best for you:

I read Hypnosis and NLP books for years, fascinating and exciting books, books that seemed very much in the moment to inspire me.

I learned in theory all the amazing things that could be achieved from understanding and mastering control of the specificity to ambiguity of language, controlling the level of trance in any individual at any given moment.

How with simple linguistic bridges and techniques you could easily gain unconscious agreement allowing the other person to take onboard uncritically all that you suggested.

The applications seemed limitless, in sales, in management, in coaching. The thought of becoming a catalyst for change and master of influence, the things I could achieve, the success I could create seemed so compelling.

And in hind sight conversational hypnosis delivers all of that and more, yet I DID NOTHING, I did nothing because I thought I had lots of valid reasons, didn’t have the money, didn’t have the time, I even remember doubting that I could ever be good enough, looking back on it now, I was wrong!

When I eventual got over my inertia through allowing my problems to escalate to the point where they were so bad I had little choice left but to take action.

If like me you choose this option then you’ll probably spend approximately four frustrating years of your life and a small fortune into the bargain, studying all sorts of old school hypnotic techniques.

You’ll have to be willing to search high and low and travel the world to discover all the hypnosis secrets that you will need to achieve the level of excellence that you are looking for. I need to tell you that I don’t believe this option will deliver you quick or effective results.

I have spent well in excess of £60,000 and four exciting yet frustrating and at times disappointing years finding and filtering the truly legitimate hypnosis techniques from the long winded out dated stuff that either doesn’t work consistently or is simply just not relevant anymore in the modern high pressure and fast paced world.

Then a further two years honing it and fine tuning it into a skill set that will work for you in the real world every time. We would love to save you the hassle of going through the same trials and tribulations, the same struggles and the same expense.

There simply wasn’t a option #3 for me to learn all of the real covert cutting edge hypnosis techniques that create consistent and powerful change that is available to you should you realise that option #3 is the perfect fit for the results that you want


Learn from a company that really stands head and shoulders above the rest in regards to an easy to learn systemised process to mastering Conversational Hypnosis, a company that is willing to share with you all the secrets that make conversational hypnosis so easy to learn, so easy to master.

Learn from the experts. Life Training Systems has invested a lot of time, energy and money into this 5 Day Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Certification Training to ensure that you benefit from the very best, most comprehensive, effective and complete program for conversational hypnosis training available in the UK today.

The ultimate result of all of this is we have discovered, mastered and compiled a manual of processes that will now make it incredibly easy for you to learn and install for yourself a systemised way of thinking and utilising your language that will make you a master of the art of how to hypnotise using conversational hypnosis.

All you need to do is to choose to learn this skill the easy way and cut out the long winded frustrating struggle that lots of people find themselves lost in.

In wanting to learn how to hypnotise you also want to be the best kind of Hypnotist, a person of integrity, a creator of positive change, a natural artful genius of language, creating effortless magical mental and emotional changes for everyone that you work with.

And here a Life Training Systems for the past 4 years we have gone out of our way to make it easy for you. When you join our Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy Training you are assured of Mastering the Art of unconscious linguistic resourcing for positive change.

Certified through the American Board of HypnotherapyABH Logo

When you join this fantastic training you are going to discover….

  • The highly prized secret that once mastered will make you an Artful Magician of Language, trance and hypnosis.
  • Within a matter of hours of arriving you will be creating trance experiences of the top of your head with no need for scripting at all, this truly is a simple yet amazing technique.
  • You will learn to know how to easily control the level of trance in anyone and understand how deep do they need to be for the changes that are required.
  • You will be resourced to always know exactly what to say and when to say it, from the minute your client walks in right through to the ultimate change that you facilitate.
  • We will share with you the precise questions that you need to ask that will ensure you have all the relevant information that will guarantee you every result.
  • You are going to fully Understand and be able to utilise the three must have and most powerful techniques that will allow you to conversationally craft the perfect induction every time, anywhere with every one.
  • Easily learn the difference between covert and overt change, how to do both easily and most important of all when to choose to do which one.
  • There is a secret little trick that you are going to learn that once mastered will allow you to create a trance experience without the person ever being aware of it.
  • You are going to understand the must do’s of any therapeutic hypnosis, this clearly defined “HOW” will literally sky rocket your hypnotic confidence.
  • Discover the fundamental skills that will empower you the create the perfect change script on the fly purely linguistically that will guarantee that your therapy sessions are always successful
  • Learn how to navigate and direct someones mind to the perfect resolution without them even knowing you are doing anything.
  • Master the most powerful regression model that will not only uncover profound empowering resources but compound them so intensively that they will be undeniably present for the client from that day on
  • Discover how to expertly capture and control your clients awareness and use all that they weren’t aware of to presuppose trance and easily facilitate and deepen their hypnotic experience.
  • Learn how easy it is to speed up your processes and create an induction that already weaves in the change work, increasing the clients responsiveness and results
  • Master the ability to captivate the attention of everyone you engage with by learning the incredibly simple rules that will make utilising linguistic patterns and bridges an unconscious process for you.
  • Ultimately by the end of this Advanced training you will have learned all that you need to know to make up your own magical inductions and have those inductions be irresistible to whoever listens. Controlling attention, creating trance and all out of their conscious awareness.

You will now have realised in more depth than before that Life Training Systems is committed to your hypnotic success.

And to ensure that success we have created this incredible training that is literally jam packed full of all of the vital components and skills of a Master Hypnotherapist, the detailed specific information that you must have.

Know now that these skills once mastered will turn you into the most elegant, capable and natural hypnotherapist and you will wish that you had discovered all of this before now.

So you understand that you are passionate and very much want to become a Masterful Hypnotist and hypnotherapist and it’s a no brainer that you want to have access to all the fundamentally important techniques, tools and powerful concepts and principles.

Because you know that it is this very knowledge that is going to empower you to be able to expertly induce trance easily and rapidly with everyone.

All that is really left for you to decide is what will be the most convenient dates for you to join us for this five day Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy Certification Training that will take you to the level of Mastery in the Art of creating profound changes with conversational hypnosis.

It is our promise to you that once you have completed this powerful advanced 5-day conversational hypnosis training; you will have the level of confidence in your hypnosis skills and your hypnotic abilities that you’ve always wanted.

The inescapable fact is that becoming a masterful communicator and an expert in language has never been easier for you!!

As an added bonus just as a thank you for taking the time to read through this course overview I would like to give you a…

FREE Conversational Hypnosis 

      Language Pattern MP3

I originally designed this induction for myself to assist me in layering into my unconscious all of the linguistic bridge language patterns that make “Milton Model” conversational hypnosis easy. These are the language patterns that I will be teaching you at the live training.

In listening to this induction MP3 multiple times (I always recommend every day for a couple of weeks) you will begin to master the art of hypnotic language to create trance.

Now having listened to this resource and if you have already been trained in some way either in NLP Milton Model or other Ericksonian techniques then you will begin to utilise Hypnotic language in your every day conversations.

Magically allowing you to experience the control and the directive nature of using language with intent and purpose to create influence in every interaction.

Just allow yourself to Image now being able to easily gain unconscious agreement and to persuade and motivate other people to create for themselves positive change by simply empowering yourself by learning the Life Training Systems linguistic bridge Hypnotic language pattern techniques.

And ultimately find yourself now in command of a completely unconscious way of being and communicating, a genuine master of influence, guiding others to a place where they can easily accept and integrate new resources and learnings.

Book your place and learn how to hypnotise today at this 5 Day Advanced Conversational Hypnosis Certification Training and become a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis eligible to join the American Board Of Hypnotherapy

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How to Hypnotise Training

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