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“Advanced Linguistic Influencing” The Art Of Powerful Persuasion

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How good are your communication skills? Where do you think you weigh in on the scales of influence? Are your communication skills truly effective enough to ensure you the success that you want?

Communication skills scales

  • Do people hang on your every word nodding in conscious and unconscious agreement to everything that you say?
  • Do you genuinely feel listened to and understood, recognised for the value that you bring into the lives of others?
  • Do others easily recognise you as a charismatic, inspiring, motivational genius who always knows the right thing to say?


2017 ALI Training Dates

Advanced Linguistics 2017

If you know that you could easily be more effective in every area of your life and realise now that you all to often find yourself misunderstood or worse still not listened to at all, then this training is going to be a real game changer for you.

Several years back, the University of Pennsylvania did a communication skills study and found that communication is…

  • 7% WORDS
  • 38% TONALITY

So why study language, you might say, if words only make up 7% of our communication? Why not study body language or maybe go to a voice coach.

The truth is, this formula is more skewed towards rapport and developing unconscious responsiveness.

To take that responsiveness and capitalise on it, turning it into specifically guided influence and persuasion, we must study in greater detail that all important 7% that is the words that you choose to use.

Your words are a vital part of your communication skills. It’s your words that communicate directly with the listeners unconscious mind.

So rather than just communicating with them here in the physical, you are learning to tap into a far more powerful and controllable realm by communicating more directly with them mentally and emotionally.

The theory as to how this works so effectively, is that your words create a directed flow of internal representations inside the neurology of the listener, the words you choose to use create an imagined reality that has meaning.

So best you know the positive influential meaning that you are looking to create for the listener up front.Communication Skills Academy

Advanced language communication skills has five main pillars of purpose……

SPECIFICITY – Gaining sensory based clarity as to what is being said by the person that you are communicating with. If you haven’t been trained in language you will unfortunately be predominately listening and responding to surface structure language.

Surface structure language very rarely has any true specificity to it and will be a very vague ambiguous representation of the problem, need or unfulfilled desire, driven by skewed beliefs and emotionally associated limitations.

If you want to be influential and persuasive you first have to know the true starting point, what is real and what is not. You need to learn to listen to the structure of language and like a forensic investigator know how to drill down through the language to the true meaning.

PRESUPPOSITIONS – What can you bank on as being true (assumed) because it has clearly been presupposed in the language that has been used.

If I talked to you about my partner referencing them as “my partner” you wouldn’t know if it was a business partner, a romantic partner, a sports partner, and you would also not know if it was a male or a female.

People all to often assume far top much, far to early, with no true linguistic evidence to suggest it to be true.

The power of learning to recognise presuppositions is that you will always know what you know and more importantly know what it is that you don’t yet know.

And there is a greater power because when you also learn to utilise presuppositions, you will be able to create a positive well crafted and compelling reality that is automatically accepted as being tangibly true in the mind of the listener.

MIND BENDING – When someone has created a limitation in their mind, they have to then make it real with their language. They have to nominalise it, give it a solid structure as if you could hold it and touch it.

If someone believes that they have a withered old onion, even although that onion is horrible and does not serve or support them, it is still very difficult to convince them that it can be anything else other than an onion.

With quantum linguistics we are learning a set of communications skills that will make us a master of creating subtle confusion, gently introducing an element of doubt as to whether or not that is really an onion at all.

This process is called loosening up their model of the world. Once they start to doubt their previously believed tangible reality they will be open to accept the possibility of a new positive and supportive reality being possible for them.

And before you know it, that withered old onion has morphed into a delicious juicy nutritious apple. This is not tricking them, this is just breaking down the boundaries that was limiting them, they did actually have an apple, they just weren’t willing to recognise it as that.

Think about things that have limited you in the past. How often have you made something impossible for yourself, claimed you could never have it? And then when you eventually do it, you find it to be far easier than you thought it could ever be and then wish that you had done it years ago!

REFRAMING – Complete, instant positive change can happen at the unconscious level in an instant and it’s the art of advanced linguistic reframing that makes this possible and easy.

Have you ever had a hard and fast belief, and then someone points out something that was invisible to you then but instantly seems obvious to you now. Notice now how that simple revelation caused you to view the situation or event completely differently?

When you are forced to look outside the structure of your limiting beliefs then like a miracle so many other positive possibilities become clear and available to you.

What most people don’t know is that the art of reframing is just another of those learnable communication skills, that has a few simple formulas that turn what seems complex into and easy to learn process.

POSITIVE RESOURCING – Knowing and understanding how people use language unconsciously to create their own skewed negative and limiting reality, empowers us to use that same structure of language to influence them in accepting a new positive reality.

Learning to chunk up and use relevant artfully ambiguous language to gain agreement is the cornerstone of influence and persuasion.

All of the above pillars of purpose that you have read through allow to you to know the unique structure and specific unconscious needs of the the person that you are communicating with.

And it is this positive resourcing process that is based on the 19 language patterns taken form NLP and Ericksonian conversational hypnosis that will allow you to ensure their unconscious compliance and agreement with all that you want them to acknowledge and take on board as being right for them.

It’s the power of unconscious linguistic bridges that makes this not only possible but incredibly powerful.

Ellen Langer a Harvard Social Psychologist conducted a study around the well known persuasion principle that you will always be far more successful in asking for a favour if you give a reason.

She had someone try to get to the front of the queue to use the university communal copy machine by saying “excuse me, I only have 5 pages, may I use the copy machine before you?” with this approach she got a 50-60% compliance rate.

When she changed the statement to “excuse me, I only have 5 pages, may I use the copy machine before you, BECAUSE I’m in a hurry?” this got over 94% compliance! BECAUSE there seemed to be a good valid reason given for the favour.

Interesting when she took this a step further in getting the queue jumper to say “excuse me, I only have 5 pages, may I use the copy machine before you, BECAUSE I need to make some copies!?”

The compliance rate only dropped by one percent to 93% even although the reason was poor and more a simple statement of the obvious, what she discovered was how important the word BECAUSE was in creating an unconscious and automatic behaviour.

This is just one powerful linguistic bridge that people have hard wired to respond to in a pre programmed predictable way.

Turbo Charge Your Communication Skills And Become A Master Of Influence

With everything in life you don’t know what you don’t know and being blissfully ignorant can be a comfortable place. This is the starting point of any journey and you have just taken the second step.

Communication skills ColaborationYou have become aware that your communication skills could be so much more effective than the level that you are at right now. You now know that being a master of influence and persuasion is very much a learnable skill.

You now realise that you can learn to connect with others emotionally and mentally through becoming commanding with your words and the emotive pictures that they create in the minds of others.

You now want to move yourself to the third step and that is to learn these skills from an expert in the easiest and quickest way possible so that you can begin to create significant changes in your life.

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Advanced Linguistics 2017

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