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At Life Training Systems we offer a myriad of highly effective modular communication for influence and sales based trainings. We also offer optimum functioning internal team building workshops which will be specifically designed to fit the business coaching needs of you and the market sector that you are looking to dominate.

These business coaching workshops are invariably two day events and can easily be run in that format or if it suits your business better split into four half days.

All of our corporate workshops are designed to be highly dynamic and interactive ensuring each team member has a profound learning experience. And our coaches and trainers all have a wealth of managerial experience with their career back grounds being in the corporate sector.

So you know that when you have questions as to specific application and utilisation of the tools being trained your going to get real world answers and examples without the need for theoretical jargon.

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The Best Business Coaching Practices

I believe it is this that sets our trainings apart from the rest, you get practical tools that can be implemented immediately all delivered in an engaging, entertaining and thought provoking way that is set out and trained in a format that guarantees maximum understanding.

In the real world once you have been introduced to an undeniably better way of doing things it’s very difficult if not impossible to do it the old way anymore.

Measuring Business Coaching Success

And it will be comforting for you to know that we measure our success by the effectiveness of your teams implementation and utilisation of all that they learn. We guarantee the work that we do and to that end before we begin to deliver the bespoke coaching program or training that has been designed specifically for you we will together fully understand and define the outcomes that will bring the maximum benefit and optimum results that reflect the value of your investment.

In the unlikely event that we don’t initially achieve those results within the agreed and implemented structure of the program we will then continue to work with your team in an adaptive way for FREE until we can both agree that the ultimate optimum results have been attained.

And there is more because over and above this guarantee you and your team will have full ongoing access to the post program support that Life Training Systems delivers to all students and clients.

This support allows you to know that we are here to continue to answer and advise on any business coaching and even personal questions based around the context of the contents of the program, so as to ensure full real world understanding, implementation and utilisation.

As you no doubt know from experience, learning new tools and techniques is only the first part of the learning curve and the real world application along with understanding the feedback that supplies is an equally important part of that learning curve. We are here to support you and your team to become masterful experts in the powerful tools and techniques that we teach in all of out business coaching programs.

Here are some of the modules that we would use to create the perfect business coaching program for you.

Developing The Professional

  • Focused Management, Mastering Time, Energy and Matter
  • Personal Empowerment, Living At Cause
  • Success, Your New Projected Reality
  • Physiology and Psychology Of Excellence
  • Owning Your Own Supreme Confidence All The Time
  • Pathway to The Top, Mapping Your Career Development
  • Focus Clarity and Belief The Optimum Goal Setting Model

Effective Communication for Sales

  • Understanding the True Meaning of Communication
  • Learning to Listening, Effective Hear
  • Speaking Your Clients Language
  • The Effective Sales In Only 5 Steps
  • Client Strategies, Understanding Them and Utilising Them
  • Gaining Unconscious Agreement the Power of Persuasion
  • Controling the Room With Your Presentations

Becoming the Leader, Mentoring Motivation

  • Creating One Focus Harnessing The Power of the Collective
  • Climbing The ladder, Effective Transitions
  • Know Your Staff, True Leadership Through Mentoring
  • Advanced Team Performance Through Advanced Coaching Skills
  • NLP Negotiation The Win / Win Conflict Resolution
  • Values And The Importance of Corporate Alignment
  • Performing Beyond Ego, Inspiring Talent Giving Room To Grow

Life Training Systems will start the process of change within your business coaching requirements by helping you to crystallise your desired outcomes and understand the unfulfilled needs and obstacles that have been holding your business back, and we are happy to do that for FREE and when you realise that we are the right training company to deliver on all your business coaching needs we will put together a training package that will guarantee your success.

To learn more simply click the button below and fill in your contact details to Book your free 30 minute consultation which will allow us to begin the process of stage one “GAINING CLARITY” before we then together design the ultimate coaching and training package that is going to support your company to the next level of success.

Your people, culture and relationships are your future!! Investing in developing your skills through business coaching to easily take you beyond your competitors today will guarantee you outstanding results tomorrow and on into your future.

If you would like to find out how these modules and programs will directly benefit your business please feel free to call the office on 01483 823 811 or email me directly at

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